Watch a Bed Bug Dog in Training

Watch the video below, as Bed Bug Mutts' Loola Loo, learns to be a bed bug dog.

Rescued Black Lab Learns a Trade

Loola is a 3 year old rescued black lab, who loves nothing better than to find bed bugs.  When not working, Loola is a calm, friendly dog with a gentle demeanour and a glistening black coat.  When instructed to search, she channels every ounce of her 41 pounds of boundless energy to sniff every cushion, bed post, nook and cranny to locate her target – live bed bugs or viable eggs.  Trained to discern live scent from dead bugs and cast skins, and ignore tempting distractions, such as cat treats or tennis balls, she is an efficient, compact and nimble bed bug detective.

 Certified Bed Bug Dog 


Loola earned her status as a certified bed bug dog alongside canine handler Ken Hando in January 2011 from Falco K9 Academy, in Brea, California.  Falco’s high standards for training practices and certification standards  comes from years of training canines and handlers in the life-threatening disciplines of Narcotics and Explosive detection dogs.

Says, Falco Academy Director - Andy Falco Jimenez:

“I believe the standard of training and working in this field [bed bug detection] should be the same as working with an Explosive Detection Dog.  Like your life depends on it.  This is the only way it should be done.”

Bed Bug Mutts is located outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Loola Loo is waiting to help you find bed bugs.  Call 604-460-0124.