WHAT We Can Do For You

Bed Bug Mutts can help you protect your home, your business, your family and your privacy with a Pro-Active Warning System ─ the PAWS approach. Establish an early warning system to detect bed bugs at the first opportunity.

We protect your privacy

Approximation of Loola Loo in disguise as a 'pampered pet'

Our services are always confidential. Our vehicles are unmarked. Our team wears no logos or markings to indicate the purpose of our presence. Loola Loo has even been known to wear 'bling'─ her pampered pet disguise.


Even the passive monitor we recommend is unobtrusive and hidden. No one knows it is there, but you and the bed bugs; and maybe your maid. 


We know how to share

It is worth repeating, we 'spread the word, not the bed bug'. We will help you understand how to avoid bed bugs and how to establish an effective Pro-Active Warning System to safeguard your family, your home and your business; that’s PAWS for short.


We provide an unbiased inspection

We are an independent company offering a variety of canine-assisted bed bug inspections. We do not have a vested interest in exterminating bed bugs. Find out which bed bug dog inspection suits your needs.